❄️ Winter TAG ❄️

❄️ Top 2 Winter beauty essentials.
❄️ My hand and lips are very dry during winter, so I choose a lip balm and a moisturizing hand cream.

❄️ Top 2 Winter fashion essentials.
❄️ I love wearing skirts or dresses with hosiery and ankle boots.

❄️ What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?
❄️ Definitely boots.

❄️ Favorite Winter accessory.
❄️ Fluffy scarves.

❄️ Favorite Winter nail polish.
❄️ A burgundy one, white or royal blue.

❄️ Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?
❄️ Hot Cocoa.

❄️ Favorite Winter candle?
❄️ I love any candle with stong scent of cinnamon and anything that makes me feel so cozy in the Winter.

❄️ Snowboarding or Skiing?
❄️ None of them!

❄️ Have you ever gone Ice Skating? Are you any good or do you FAIL miserably?
❄️ Only twice because I was so cold and not very good at it and very afraid to fall.. so, never done that again.

❄️ Does it snow where you live?
❄️ Yes, it does.

❄️ Have you ever made a snowman?
❄️ My favourite part when I was little and i would do it again anytime.

❄️ What holiday do you celebrate?
❄️ Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day

❄️ Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
❄️ All of them!! But especially “Last Christmas”, “I saw momma kissing Santa Claus”, “Santa Claus is coming to town” and “All I want for Christmas is you”.

❄️ Favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
❄️ It’s not Christmas without HOME ALONE!

❄️ What is your favorite winter treat?
❄️ I love cinnamon gingerbread.

❄️ If you were to ask Santa for one thing and you were guaranteed to get it, what would it be? (even if you don’t celebrate Christmas)
❄️ I would like the terrorism to finally stop in the whole world.

❄️ Do you have anything fun planned for this winter?
❄️ Nothing fun. I’ll go with the flow.




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