Some thoughts

Find your light! 

I believe that in every one of us, there is a light. A light that shines that bright that keeps our soul warm and guides us through life. 
And only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness we will discover the infinite power of our light.

It’s in ourselves that we should walk on the road towards it. And don’t be scared if in the halfway, the path may seem tough, doubdful or hopeless. Sometimes when we are in the darkest place, we find the brightest light. 

So find your light! Find the light you need! See truly its sparkle and never let it fade. 

It makes you a beautiful human beeing and it grows you heart in an unscientific way. Let the whole world see it through your eyes. Where, they can find the reflection of your beautiful soul. 


Beauty is a light in the heart.

Speak with your eyes ‘cuz they are reflecting your inner light and with its power, nobody who can truly listen, will misunderstand you. 


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